Writing Courses

Accredited by the Canadian Construction Association

The Essentials of Technical Writing

This course introduces students to the theory, process, and practice of technical writing.  Emphasis is placed on written communications and learning to write clear, concise and well organized documents.

  • Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to effectively plan, structure and organize technical information for presentation to various audiences.
  • Identify the audience and purpose in technical communication situations and create effective responses.
  • Write paragraphs and essays that have a clear purpose and coherent structure.
  • Write effective and appropriate prose, developing competence in comparing, evaluating, analyzing, describing, persuading and narrating.
  • Understand the importance of using proper grammar and spelling in written communications.
  • Follow the steps of planning, writing, and revising, understanding how to prepare outlines, organize ideas, and edit drafts meaningfully.
  • Use language that is clear, precise, concise, suitable, fair, interesting, and correct.Explain the key elements of good written communication skills.
  • Prepare construction related documents and learn the key elements of a business letter, memorandum, report and email message.
  • Use analtical and organizational skills to develop a thesis logically and convincingly.