Website Content

Your website is your online sales force working to generate leads 24 hours a day seven days a week. The design is great. The navigation is easy to use. Maybe you even have a flashy intro. But when you review your website stats you find you aren’t getting the response you were hoping for. Site visitors are staying on your website for only a few seconds. Not long enough to find out what you have to offer or to get to the ever crucial contact us page.

If you want to instantly transform your “passive” online brochure into a sales lead generating machine, you need a compelling message that sells your prospects on their first visit. If the content on your website doesn’t persuade prospects to take the action you want you are missing out on lost revenue.

In this day of savvy internet users you only have a few seconds to build a connection with your website visitor before you lose them to the abyss of cyberspace. Persuasive and well written web copy determines how well your website converts site visitors into customers, how much social media traffic you get and how well your website ranks with search engines.

Each and every word on your website has influence on a site visitor’s buying decision and loyalty. Without good website and social media content, nobody will share, re-tweet, or “Like” you and you will never be able to build up your brand.

By developing useful and informative web content that appeals to your target market you will not only increase traffic to your website; you will also make it easy for prospective customers to decide you are the source they want to buy from.

Informative, compelling, clearly written web content:

  • Promotes organic presence on search engines.
  • Improves page ranking results, web conversion rates, and decreases bounce backs.
  • Provides site visitors with an effortless online experience, which will boost the reputation of your website.
  • Converts more site visitors into sales.
  • Increases the quality and quantity of leads generated from your website.
  • Builds value and trust.
  • Increases traffic to your website.
  • Establishes credibility and greatly improves customer loyalty.
  • Makes it easy for others to refer you and your website to friends and colleagues.
  • Helps users searching for your type of product/service find you.
  • Educates your website visitors and prospects on how to make a smart buying decision.
  • Quickly and easily overcomes buying objections.
  • Provides value to the site visitor.

If your website isn’t working around the clock to bring you sales opportunities call me today at 416-534-9881 to find out how my web copy writing skills can help you generate more leads from your online efforts.