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The Project:
Higgott-Kane Industrial Noise Silencers
Brochure copy

Executive Summary
Higgott-Kane, a recognized world leader in industrial noise control, began supplying custom engineered silencing systems to power and process industries in 1977. Since that time they have supplied thousands of units worldwide. Their mandate as a company is to be totally committed to guaranteeing a quality of service and products exceeding all of their customer’s expectations. Their in-house project management procedures ensure that the customer’s specifications are followed. Using the latest in reporting and scheduling tools helps ensure that their customers are kept updated on the status of their projects.

The Challenge
Higgott-Kane needed a corporate brochure that integrated the benefits and offerings of their two separate branches ATCO Noise Management and Higgott-Kane into one succinct piece that would enable them to successfully introduce this joint venture into a new market. They realized that trying to communicate the benefits of both companies seamlessly in one marketing piece would be no easy task. However, being able to introduce this new collaboration into the US market where they previously had no presence would boost their sales and exponentially and expand their client base.

Without a targeted marketing message, Piggott-Kane wasn’t leveraging the large volume of potential clients in the US market. After over six months of trying to accomplish the task themselves, they realized they weren’t making the best use of their time or their employee resources. They decided they required a highly qualified copywriter who could create brochure content that was on target with a strong message that made them stand out in the highly competitive American marketplace.

The Solution
WordForce Communication was invited to join the marketing team to copy write the new marketing brochure content.  After analyzing the needs of the target market in relation to Higgott-Kane’s services, WordForce took a hands-on approach to create succinct, clear copy that was written in plain language for a more general audience. They also ensured that the brochure contained all the necessary information a prospective client would need to guide them through the decision making process including: corporate experience, history, and capabilities, along with call to actions. Finally, WordForce ensured that the tone of the content was revised to be more benefit oriented from the perspective of the reader.

Here is what they had to say:

“New literature for our recently combined company proved very challenging. Maja was able to quickly and successfully take our lengthy attempts and create succinct, unified, and professional copy that more than met requirements. Our marketing plan is finally underway thanks to Maja’s skill and assistance!’

I have been using the retrofit brochure as an example or guide as I write the next set of literature. It has been invaluable to me as a source – I am learning how to state our benefits succinctly without falling back on ‘tech-speak’. The tone has improved and the newfound brevity has been much better received. I just completed copy for an anti-icing brochure, and so far it has met with approval. We may actually get it to print in the next few days, after only 2 months. A huge improvement! The third brochure is being drafted as we speak. Thanks again Maja.”

 - Melissa Stevenson, Marketing Coordinator – Higgott Kane