SEO Services

Is your website easily found? A whopping 85% of the Internet population (that’s about 1.7 billion in North America alone) uses search engines to navigate the web everyday. Search engines are also rated the number one resource for finding local business information. In fact, a potential customer is probably looking for your type of product or service right now. The question is, where do you show up in search results? Do you come up on the 1st or the 34th page of Google, if you come up at all? Or is your website simply a fancy online brochure?

People go to search engines when they want to find information about something or have a challenge they need help with. If your website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) you are more likely to have a higher page ranking than those that don’t. That means that when people are searching for information on your type of product or service, you’ll be more visible and get more relevant traffic to your website. More relevant traffic results in more sales and a higher ROI from your online efforts.

You may have the best product or service in the marketplace but without getting visibility through search engines like Google and Yahoo your prospects will never know it.

However, successful SEO tactics aren’t just page titles, meta tags, key words and submitting your website to search engines.  A good SEO strategy requires a successful combination of many of these factors to ensure that you get a high volume of traffic to your website and consequently more leads.

SEO isn’t about taking great content and stuffing it with keyword phrases either. Search engines have sophisticated algorithms that take into account the relevancy of your web pages to the keywords you use. Therefore, keywords and phrases must be naturally worked into your content to make it relevant to your site visitors and to search engine crawlers looking to index your website. Properly placed keywords also dramatically decrease your bounce back rate and result in site visitors staying on your website longer since it better met their search criteria.

Whether you already have an online presence or you’re building one from scratch we can help.

What we do:

As online strategists and SEO specialists we:

1. Know the language searchers use,

2. Understand the way search engines view your content, and

3. Show you how to increase the trust search engines have in your site.

Our SEO consultation services include:

  • information architecture,
  • HTML coding,
  • avoiding approaches that may keep search engine crawlers from indexing your content,
  • developing appropriate and targeted key words and phrases,
  • a competitive analysis of others within the same market,
  • development of a unique selling proposition,
  • improving conversions,
  • developing intelligently crafted copy that takes into account site visitors and web crawlers, and
  • providing web analytics and education on how to make positive and meaningful changes to your website.

The more exposure your website gets the more opportunity you have of generating leads and ultimately acquiring new customers. The problem is that unless your website ranks high with search engines, those seeking to buy your product or service simply won’t find you.

SEO strategies should enhance your website visitor’s experience not interfere with it. If your website is useful and resource-oriented then people will talk about it, recommend it to others, bookmark it or link to it. All of which will help create even more sustained visibility:

The ultimate goal of good SEO is help web searchers find what they are looking for. You!

Not sure how your website ranks. Do a web search for your key product or service right now.  If your website doesn’t rank on the first page it might be worth giving me a call at 416-534-9881 to find out why.