Legal Writing

The project: Legal document

The challenge:
“I had been struggling trying to prepare a legal document for months. I was frustrated and emotionally drained going home everyday knowing that this letter was still sitting on my desk unfinished. I wasn’t sure how to compile the right words to get my message across. I was so emotionally engaged that the bitterness I felt over the issue was up front and centre taking away from the factual matters at hand. I wrote and rewrote the content over and over again, yet couldn’t get the tone and effect I wanted.

“All I did was give Maja the draft I had been toiling over and in just three days received a revised document that was clear, concise and did indeed have the effect I needed. She worked diligently with me to understand what the situation was and the objective I wanted to achieve with the letter. She analyzed the content and more importantly truly understood the target audience to create a compelling message that was in my voice. Her intuitive sense of language was just what I needed to get the right words on paper. As a result of handing over my challenging project to Maja, I was able to concentrate on other aspects of my work without it constantly hanging over my head. Instantly the tension I had been going through disappeared.

“A huge thing that sets Maja apart from other writers is the personal connection she makes with her clients. Her writing truly reflects who I am and says exactly what I wanted to say. The document she developed for me was professional in tone but still captured the urgency of which I needed my issue addressed without sounding emotional.

“Thanks to her unique ability to convert words into a highly targeted message, I was able to submit a professional letter that was of a sensitive nature yet strong enough to get results. Thanks to Maja’s extraordinary gift of language, I not only had my issue resolved, I was actually promoted.

“All I have to ask myself is why didn’t I go to her sooner. I had been thinking about her services and instead of coming to Maja, I kept trying to do it myself. As a result, I delayed completing the project and just added unnecessary stress to my life.

“If anyone is looking for a gifted wordsmith who is able to craft copy in a way that gets outstanding results, than I would recommend they call Maja and WordForce Communications. I would be happy to talk to them about how she has helped me.

Thank for really partnering with me and for taking a stake in my success. I truly appreciate everything!”

– Richard Stati – CS, Attorney General, Ontario Courts Division