Freelance Online Copywriting Services

Thanks for your interest in my online copywriting services.

Hiring a copywriter can be very challenging especially for those who have never hired a writer before.  It’s hard to know what to expect and how to get the best value.  Hopefully the information below will answer all your questions about hiring someone with freelance writing, SEO, and social media expertise. If not feel free to call me at 416-534.9881, I will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

What are your qualifications as a freelance copywriter?”

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve written hundreds of emails, sales letters, trade and magazine articles, brochures, newsletters, proposals, bios, websites, press releases, and blog posts. I’ve given seminars on media relations and business writing for various associations including Enterprise Toronto a branch of the City of Toronto’s Economic Development Office. I’ve also taught and developed technical writing workshops for the Ontario Road Builders’ Association, Maple Reinders, a trusted leader in construction and engineering; and Aecon – Canada’s largest public construction and infrastructure development company.

I was the Director of Communications for the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs for three years and have been profiled in the Business Review. A published author in numerous magazines both online and off I consult with entrepreneurs and small businesses to resolve the challenges they face with their written/web based communications.

What background or experience do you have in copywriting?”

I have a B.Sc. degree with majors in psychology and English literature from the University of Toronto. I’ve also received marketing management training through Ryerson University’s Strategic Marketing program. Ninety percent of the work I do as a freelance copywriter is in online, web content, and business-to-business marketing.

I’ve worked with a broad range of industries including: engineering, industrial equipment, construction, manufacturing, software, web development, sales, marketing, search and recruitment, healthcare, financial services, not-for-profit, education, sustainability, publishing, seminars, training, retail, business/trade associations, consulting, corporate, e-commerce, membership sites, online information marketing, and many other areas.

Before becoming a freelance copywriter, I was the marketing specialist for a well-established professional service firm. I was also a report specialist where I edited and analyzed the content of over 900 reports of various disciplines, including: civil, structural, mechanical, environmental, and chemical engineering; failure analysis, fire investigation, accident reconstruction and human factors, many of which were prepared for litigation for the insurance and legal industries.

“Do you have experience in my field?”

If you sell to business, industry, or professional services, I probably already have copywriting experience with your type of product or service–or something very similar.

The true test of a qualified copywriter is someone who can change the tone and match the copywriting style to both the needs of the project and the audience.  Take a look at my copywriting samples in my portfolio. If you don’t see a sample that meets your criteria give me a call and I will provide you with sample writing specific to your project.

“What type of service do you provide?”

As an expert in social media, freelance writing and online copywriting, I provide a wide range of services including: online copywriting, marketing consulting, copy critiques, social media consulting, SEO services, web content creation and article writing.

I also provide copywriting for many other marketing communications including ads, feature articles, press releases, sales letters, newsletters, catalogs, case studies, and web landing pages.

My specialty is my ability to write clear, persuasive copy that captures the essence of my clients’ brand and communicates it with their voice. There are lots of good marketing writers in the marketplace, but my work is not generic. I get inside my client businesses to speak from their point of view while still providing objective marketing discipline. The result is authentic communication that delivers on-target messaging to prospects. ” As one client puts it,

“Maja’s excellent understanding of various businesses, whether technical or service-oriented, leads her to compose strategic, systematic and organized communication materials to help companies reach their goals. Through her knowledge of advertising and marketing she is able to see in-between the lines and understand communication challenges. Clients appreciate the fact that she can sit down with engineers, scientists, CEOs, doctors, subject matter experts, and other specialists, ask intelligent questions, and speak their language.”
– Ingrid Achtymichuk, President – Upward Boom.

My copy gets results.  One industrial machine manufacturer that I developed a variety of brochures and web content for had this to say about my work:

“New literature for our recently combined company proved very challenging. Maja was able to quickly and successfully take our lengthy attempts and create succinct, unified, and professional copy that more than met requirements. Our marketing plan is finally underway thanks to Maja’s skill and assistance!’

I have been using the retrofit brochure as an example or guide as I write the next set of literature. It has been invaluable to me as a source – I am learning how to state our benefits succinctly without falling back on ‘tech-speak’. The tone has improved and the newfound brevity has been much better received. I just completed copy for an anti-icing brochure, and so far it has met with approval. We may actually get it to print in the next few days, after only 2 months. A huge improvement! The third brochure is being drafted as we speak.”
– Melissa Stevenson, Marketing Coordinator – Higgott Kane

“What are your freelance writing fees?”

Each writing project is unique and my copywriting fees are based on a per project basis. For any copywriting assignment whether it is a sales letter, freelance article, white paper or web content, just call me with some details about the project and I will be happy to quote you a price.

Alternately, I can send you my Schedule of Estimated Fees, which gives typical prices for a variety of freelance copywriting projects.

All projects require a 50% deposit prior to starting. The remainder of all freelance writing fees (plus applicable taxes) are due at the completion of the assignment.

“Who are your clients and what do they have to say about your copywriting services?”

I’ve worked with CEOs, small business owners, graphic designers, web developers and marketing managers for a broad range of industries. Here is what a few of them had to say about my work.

“Working with Maja was easy, she is a wonderful writer to work with. She is intelligent, creative and knows how to market small-medium businesses as well.
– Faith Seekings, Principal – Rapport Communications Inc.

“Maja was given a tough project with a very limited timeline. She did an excellent job, on time and right on budget. I would highly recommend Maja and Wordforce Communications!”
– Jeff Sharpe, CEO – Solica Corporation

“I came to Maja with an idea about creating a sell sheet. She helped me formulate in my own mind what I needed. She brought true value to the process and I am very happy with the finished product.”
– Doug Wallace, Morgan Palmer Search Directives

“It has been a couple of weeks since the site has been up. The feedback on the site has been fantastic and I am more than happy to refer Maja to others.”
– Prem Malik, Financial Advisor – Queensbury Securities Inc.

Click here for more client feedback.

“How long will it take to write my copy?”

Some projects take only a few days while others can take a couple weeks. Timelines depend on the length and scope of the project. Good writing requires research and research takes time. The sooner you let me know about your assignment, the sooner I will give you a project brief that will explain the timelines and deliverables. Some deliverables are dependent on client feedback, which is also included in the brief.

I understand that sometimes you may not be able to give enough advance notice. If the copywriting job is a rush, indicate the date you need the copy and I guarantee that you will have the copy on your desk when it’s required or I won’t take it on.

No matter what the deadline, the copy I submit to you will be right on target.

“What happens if we need you to revise the copy provided?”

Most people are happy with the online content and marketing copy I provide. However, if you’re not 100 percent satisfied, I will revise the copy absolutely free. Just tell me what you want improved within 30 days of receiving the copy and I’ll send the changes back to you ASAP. There’s NO CHARGE for rewriting. Revisions are included in the flat fee we’ve agreed to for the assignment.

“How do we start working together?”

Starting a copywriting assignment is easy. Just call me at 416-534-9881 or e-mail me your inquiry or the details of your project at mrehou@wordforce.ca. We will discuss your copywriting and social media needs, goals and timeframes.

There is no charge to discuss your project with you and give you a cost estimate. And there is NO obligation to buy.

Once we agree to work together, I will send you a client discovery questionnaire asking you to provide me with as much background material as possible. In addition, it ‘s always helpful if you can send me your current company collaterals such as: brochures, flyers, marketing emails, reports, case studies, web content, or any other kind of company information. The more I know about your business and your customers, the more effective the results.

I will then email you a project brief outlining the fees, deliverables and timeline specific to your project. The project brief will also show you how I plan to approach the project, thereby eliminating any surprises down the road. After reviewing the project brief, you will be required to sign a Copywriting Agreement, as well as provide a 50% deposit in order for me to start the project.

I use a collaborative style of copywriting in which I provide you with draft copies of the content and then ask you to review/comment on it. By getting your feedback I can ensure that the writing is on task throughout the entire process.

“Do we have to be located in the same city or even country to work effectively together?”

With the internet and all available means of transferring data online, we can easily work together even if there are miles between us. I operate my online copywriting business out of Toronto but I have serviced clients from all over Canada. Email, fax machines and telephone texting make it easy for us to connect and work productively together.

However, if you are located in the Greater Toronto area and you would like to meet face-to-face I’m available for on-site meetings charged at a per hour rate.