Article Writing

Attract the attention of the people you need to reach.

Publishing articles in professional and trade magazines is one of the most important ways to establish credibility and trust.

Publicity and exposure in the media also has a far greater impact than paid advertising. Media coverage implies endorsement from the media, which builds trust between you and your market. Having a public relations strategy such as article writing gets you in front of a larger audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Article publishing also helps you gain credibility and build a reputation as being the “go-to expert” in your field of expertise.

Six ways publishing an article can help you:

1)    Creates awareness of your product or service.
2)    Showcases your expertise and skills.
3)    Establishes credibility and trust between you and your target audience.
4)    Boosts online page ranking and increases traffic to your website.
5)    Helps you meet the needs of the market better by making you think deeply about the challenges facing your clients.
6)    Enables you become your client and prospects trusted advisor.

Writing professional articles can be time consuming and frustrating. Often it is hard to know what topic will interest readers or how to approach the editor. Articles that are the wrong length or sound too much like a sales pitch will lose the magazine editor’s interest fast. It will also affect your credibility when you approach them again with another article idea. It takes a seasoned article writing expert to know what topic will interest the magazine, how to approach the editor and how to write the article in the style required.

Our process:

We work with you to develop a concept that demonstrates your area expertise. We then select a publication read by the people you want to reach and approach the editor.  Once the editor approves the article idea, we interview you and ghostwrite an article in the required style of the newspaper or magazine. After you have reviewed the article we submit it for publication.

The published article can be used in many ways to further support your marketing campaign. It can be repurposed and submitted to another newspaper or magazine and reprints of the article can be used as hand-outs. The article can also be sent to prospective clients as a way to introduce them to you. It can also be posted online or cited in social media as a way to establish yourself as the subject mater expert and recognized authority in your field.

Some of our published articles include:

“Achieving Work-Life Balance” Just Business People Magazine -August 2007
“Are your Experts’ Reports Losing you Money” Without Prejudice – June 2004
“Building a Brand Identity” Just Business People Magazine – June 2007
“Building Successful Business Relationships” Just Business People Magazine - March 2007
“Claims in the Entertainment Industry” Claims Canada - Aug/Sept. 2007
“Creating Website Content that Sells” Just Business People Magazine – May/June 2010
“Dealing with Difficult People” WISE Newsletter – Fall 2004
“Does Your Firm Need a Company Newsletter?” Engineering Business – November 2005
“Give Me a Break” Toronto Business Times – September 2006
“Going Wireless Friend or Foe” CAWEE Acclaim -
“How to Create a Newsletter that Works” Evan
“How to Get Leads from Your Website” Just Business People Magazine – July 2010
“Is Your Business Affecting Your Health” Just Business People Magazine – May 2008
“Maintaining a Balanced Business” Just Business People Magazine - November 2009
“Masterminding Your Business to Success” Just Business People Magazine - February 2008
“Nighttime Visibility-Know What to Expect” Canadian Independent Adjuster – February 2006
“Staying in Touch is Good for Business” Just Business People Magazine - December 2007
“Simple Steps to Success” Just Business People Magazine - January 2007
“Recognizing Red Flags in Slips and Falls” Claims Canada - February 2010
“Retirement Can Open Door to Active Life” Toronto Business Times – February 2006
“Technical Writing: The Importance of Organization, Clarity, and Directness” Canadian Consulting Engineer – October/November 2005
“Websites that Work” Engineering Business – March 2006
“What does Your Writing Say about You?” Evan
“Your Writing Speaks-How to Make a Good First Impression” Evan

Drastically reduce the amount you spend on marketing your business; while dramatically increasing your client base. Publishing articles exposes you to more prospects and generates more leads than any other form of traditional paid advertising. It builds credibility and shows your target market that you are the subject matter expert they need. We offer a wide range of article packages and strategies to get you the media attention you need to expose your business to the right audience.

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